Fault Manager

Fault and alarm monitoring

It promotes fast troubleshooting, minimizing the duration of service outages, and proactive fault management

The Netvisor Fault Manager (FM) product is a unified fault and alarm monitoring platform that can provide effective support in determining the causes of faults and fault phenomena occurring in information communication service provider systems. Based on the relationships between the components of ICT services, the Fault Manager enables the narrowing down and clear delimitation of the inherent causes of faults.

The product promotes fast troubleshooting, minimizing the duration of service interruptions, and proactive fault management.

The Fault Manager also provides an opportunity to analyze the effects of faults on the affected services, which can serve as a basis for improving the quality of the services.

Uniform, graph-based, manufacturer- and technology – independent data model, as well as its flexible rule system, make it possible to define arbitrary dependencies between constituent elements and unified management.

Transparent user interface helps to smoothly perform daily operating tasks, as well as the flexibly customizable notification system supports fast and proactive fault localization and troubleshooting.

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Fault Manager’s dashboards, which can be assembled and configured as needed, provide a uniform and comprehensive picture of the status of services and alarms.

Fault Manager can be easily integrated into work support systems via standard industry and web interfaces and APIs.

Main features of Fault Manager

Plug-in and agent-based architecture, which can be synchronized with applications and elements of the IT infrastructure, and with the help of its event receiving module, any network event can be channeled into fault monitoring – whether its source is equipment or external management system.

The screens can be integrated for services and data sheets showing the status of their constituent elements, as well as for alarm summaries.

It can be adapted to ticketing systems at a high level.

Benefits of using Fault Manager

Consolidate data from different monitoring systems

It can provide comprehensive supervision of the complex networks and IT systems of large companies, telecommunications companies and government organizations. It displays faults in individual systems on a single console.

Correlate related faults

It is able to correlate fault occurring in the ICT environment, revealing even fault phenomena that span different systems.

Identifies root faults

By efficiently analyzing the correlations between faults, FaultManager can identify root fault that cause events (root causes), thereby shortening the troubleshooting process. The graph database and the flexible rule system make it possible to manage any relationship and optimize the troubleshooting process.

Transparency of the status of the monitored environment

Fault Manager’s dashboards, which can be assembled and configured as needed, and views of the customizable alarm and inventory elements provide a comprehensive picture of the state of the services.

High level of integrability

With its plug-in-based architecture, FaultManager supports and promotes easy integration into operational support systems (event reception, registration, ticketing systems).

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