IP Explorer

Network discovery, documentation

Automated network discovery, up-to-date documentation and visualization for companies with large networks

It is impossible to operate networks without up-to-date network information. The provision of this data is essential for the successful operation of most network management processes. Although most of the tools that support processes supporting such operation (fault, configuration and performance) already contain some kind of network discovery function,

these solutions are usually limited to the capabilities and data ranges that are minimally necessary for the operation of the given management system. IP Explorer is unique in that it is a fully automated, comprehensive solution for discovering, displaying and documenting inhomogeneous IP/Ethernet/MPLS networks.

Realization of up-to-date network detection covering the widest possible range of data.

Fully automatic discovery product that discovers end-to-end (E2E) heterogeneous IP / Ethernet / MPLS networks

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Main features of IP Explorer

The discovered network is stored in a manufacturer-independent model and displayed on a richly functional WEB interface.

It can easily and quickly prepare authentic, up-to-date network documentation.

Through its standard open interface, any superior management process can access the updated network information.

Benefits of using IP Explorer

A unique solution for documenting inhomogeneous networks

The basis of the IP Explorer system is a manufacturer-independent IP network model based on the Telemanagement Forum SID information model. It is a comprehensive network detection and visualization solution for the entire L2 / L3 network infrastructure.  It supports the network devices of various major manufacturers (e.g.: Cisco, Alcatel, Juniper, HP, Huawei, ZTE, NEC) in a uniform way

It also implements an interactive network documentation function itself, including MPLS VPN and spanning tree visualization. A highly available, highly scalable, distributed data collection platform.

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Can be customized according to individual needs

Users can access the data of the system through a web user interface with rich functionality.

On the interface, it is possible to browse inventory-level information and configurations of network elements, as well as to view, customize, and arrange topology diagrams. The detection process and the display can be customized and expanded according to the customer's special requests.

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It can be easily integrated into operational support solutions

With the help of the open superior SOAP interface of the IP Explorer, it is possible to connect operational support applications and automatic processes.

All IP Explorer functionality is available through the parent interface, and all data detected by the product can be queried. IP Explorer can be easily integrated into an existing management environment.

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IP Explorer automates the process of documenting and planning your network

For large companies and government institutions that have extensive networks, the documentation of the operating environment is significantly shortened, thereby reducing inconsistency resulting from changes and the resulting erroneous records.

Prior to the planning, we provide an up-to-date construction of the network and an accurate knowledge of the free capacities. Prior to the planning aimed at the further development of the network, we need an up-to-date structure of the network and an accurate knowledge of the free capacities.

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